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Advanced Diploma

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ASI 002 The Advanced Diploma of Industry & Services Management

This course is an extensive and expanded study of the ASI Diploma Course, which is a pre-requisite for this course.

Comprising of a total of 34 Modules, 16 of which are studied in the ASI Diploma Course, this is a course designed for the career minded Service Manager.

The course is a study in a wide range of frontline management topics necessary for the successful management of a service business or a service business unit that is run as a profit centre.

Additional studies will include a Benchmarking Survey and a Services Marketing Project, which are designed to further demonstrate the understanding of the use of tools and processes in management.

The learner should ideally be in a Management role where scope for further advancement is available once this course is completed.

The learner should be prepared to spend 8-10 hours per week to study a module, thereby completing the course in 23 weeks or comfortably inside 6 months.

Please note that such accelerated learning does require a clear commitment to study at regular intervals. Extensions are available but not encouraged.

The Advanced Diploma is awarded at the successful completion of the course.

Recognition of Prior Learning Applies. Credit requests for similar courses completed in the past 10 years should be submitted in writing, prior to starting this course.

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