ASI Training Partners

Australian Partners:

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia:

Mr Garry Prigg
International Consultants to Business
Founder and CEO
M: +61 419 56 1248
P: PO Box 6222 Vermont South 3133 Victoria Australia
Other: Over 30 years experience in Management, Business Consultant

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia:

Andy Kyiet
Demand Flow Intelligence
CEO and Business Consultant
Tel: 0408 254 438
Other: Over 40 years experience in Service Industry, Information Technology and Marketing

Adelaide, South Australia:

Robert Brocklebank
Business Training Consultant
Specialty: Business Systems Development and training
Tel: 0421234213
Other: Over 35 years experience in business processes design and delivery

International Partners:

Bangkok, Thailand. Asia / Pacific:

Dr. Daniel G. Fuchs
Professor of Business Studies
Bangkok, Thailland 10170
Phone and Fax : (66)(0)2-888-1522
Mobile phone: (66)(0)81-808-2494
e-mail: or

Australian School of Industry Service Management Pty Ltd
P. O. Box 414 Mitcham Victoria 3132 Melbourne Australia
Phone (61) 0419 356 967


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