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ASI Service Management Book


ASI Service Management eBook


Achieving 100 Percent Compliance of Policies and Procedures


7 Steps to Better Written Policies and Procedures by Stephen Page


Best Practices in Policies and Procedures (PDF)


Establishing a System of Policies and Procedures


I've got an Idea, but I've got no Idea


Management for the 21st Century, Soft cover book, 127 pages The art of management cannot be understood and learnt in just a day – it is a process that encompasses your lifetime. Managers can and should be measured by a range of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). What is the ultimate performance measure of a manager? Has the manager added value to the business?


Marketing for the 21st Century, Soft cover book, 148 pages In this publication we have set out to provide and explain the basics of marketing so those principles can be taken up by those concerned with marketing a business as well as business students. What image do you present? How is your customer service? Have you set the most optimal (that doesn’t always mean the cheapest) prices? From a prospect’s point of view, how do you stack up? What’s missing from your products or services?


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