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Are you providing management training or upskilling consultation already?

This unique and practical set of courses is designed to suit work groups and individuals wishing to upgrade their skills to include:

  • Team leadership
  • Staff supervision
  • Frontline management
  • Service industry specific needs

These modular courses can be delivered to cover a single topic, or a range of topics via Certificate II and III business and management courses or, up to Diploma and Advanced Diploma levels.

As an Authorised Course Provider you will have full access to our On-line Management System and the ability to enrol and manage your students, including assessment and accreditation. Alternately, you can purchase the course license and deliver these courses in your institution.

For further information please contact the Course Director at or call 61 0419 356 967.

Training and Management Consultants

If you are a Training or Management Consultant, you may also wish to include some of the ASI standalone modular courses in your training solution packages. Each module covers a specific topic and can be studied independently and On-line.

Or, you may choose several modules to address the needs of a group that you have identified in your upskilling audit. We will take care of the students once they register and provide feed back to you or your designated contact by way of a Grading Report, while the students receives the appropriate award, depending on the course studied.

For further information please contact the Course Director at or call 61 419 356 967.

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