Short Course Topics

Short Course Topics

Individual Topics from the Diploma Course can be studied standalone. This study contains the same material as the Diploma course only without the need to submit the assignments or tests. Ideal for In-house training or a quick brush up on a particular subject.

For additional value and future credit for your effort, study the same topic as a Business Certificate II and you'll be on your way to the full Diploma Course. See the full details of Short Courses.

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Topics Include:

LEADERSHIP IN THE WORKPLACE: Leadership styles, Workplace influences, Leading a team, Self assessment, Delegation and motivation, Empowerment.

STRATEGIC PLANNING : Developing business plans, Vision, mission, goals and objectives.

FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT : Introduction to financial reporting including Income Statements and Balance sheets, budget preparation, key terms.

SELLING AND MARKETING SERVICES : Developing a marketing plan. Pricing, budgeting, profitability, projections, market positioning.

CONTRACT MANAGEMENT : Types of agreements, what to include, contractual law.

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT : Product introduction, management and support.

ORGANISATION STRUCTURES : Impact of structures, centralised vs decentralised.

ORGANISATION BEHAVIOR : Demographic and psychological influences.

Operational benefits, RIO, choosing a system.

Business planning, business case development, business reports, management skills.

QUALITY : Creating a quality system, TQM.

CUSTOMER SERVICE : Creating a customer service culture.

LOGISTICS MANAGEMENT : Cost effective spares management.

EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATIONS : The importance of good communications.

REPORT WRITING AND PRESENTATION SKILLS : The role of reports, developing good reporting skills.

GLOBAL ECONOMICS : Understanding the significance of global economics today.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT : The principals for developing effective project skills.

RESOURCE PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT : Resource planning in an operations environment.

MANAGING CHANGE : The process for good change management.

STRATEGIC ALLIANCES : The development of strategic alliances and their impact in expanding business opportunities.

MEASURING PERFORMANCE : Appraisals, what to measure, how to use results.

INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS: Introduction to Workplace Agreements, Policies, Awards, Staff Selection and Supervision. Equal Opportunity and more.

Principles and knowing your Obligations on Occupational Health and Safety, Dangerous Goods Policy, etc.


Tailored Short Courses are available based on the content of any of these modules. Tailored Courses can be used to address specific Individual or Group Training needs of an organisation. Talk to one of our Training Partners or send a request to

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