Use Brass Handles to Accomplish An Stylish Look in Your Household

One of the best decorative accessories for any living room, dining area or entertainment space is brass handles on drawers. Brass is one of the most popular materials for drawer handles because of its timeless elegance. If you want to upgrade the look of your drawers, brass is a great choice. You can also find brass handles with intricate details in different finishes such as oil rubbed bronze, polished chrome, satin nickel, brass-filled, brushed chrome, and so forth. No matter what your style or taste is, you will be able to find a brass handle that perfectly matches your taste.

There are many advantages to using LoAndCoInteriors brass handles. First, they have an antique appearance which enhances the entire appearance of your cabinets or other furniture with a similar appearance. Second, the brass knobs and pulls are durable and can last for years. This can make your older cabinets look even older.

You can use brass handles for your bedroom cabinets as well. The knob and the plate can be in a polished finish to give them a vintage appearance. You can choose from the finishes such as satin nickel, or oil rubbed bronze. If you want a more sophisticated appearance, you can use satin chrome knobs and pulls. In addition, you can choose from the different decorative finishes such as brushed nickel, and oil rubbed bronze, polished bronze, and others.

The polished finish is exquisite and adds more appeal to your bedroom cabinets. You can also match the brass knobs and pulls with the finishes such as oil rubbed bronze or polished chrome. If you want your bedroom cabinets to have a vintage appeal, you can consider using satin nickel finishes. Another option is the oil rubbed bronze finishes. It gives your bedroom cabinets a worn and weathered look that can go well with many other home hardware.

When you choose brass knobs and pulls for your bedroom cabinets, you can also have them in different shapes and sizes. For instance, there are small knobs and pulls made of plastic that is round and square. However, if you want something more unique, you can have these brass knobs and pulls in a rectangular shape. There are also some more giant knobs and pulls in the shape of an animal, such as a lion or a dragon. Finally, you can display these brass knobs and pulls on your bedroom cabinet door.

Apart from the designs, you need to check out the other details, such as finishing these brass handles before purchasing. You can purchase satin nickel, and oil rubbed bronze handles. The satin finishes are trendy since they do not show any marks when the cabinet door is closed. The oil-rubbed bronze finish has a more matte finish so that the brass handles will have a gorgeous look.

In addition, these brass handles can be placed on doors that already have brass door panels. You can use these handles for sliding doors so that you do not need to purchase separate doors. When you have chosen the brass door handles that you want, you can go ahead and make the purchase. You will be able to find these handles at hardware stores, home centres and several retailers. Before you make the purchase, you should take the time to browse the online catalogues to get a good idea of the styles, finishes and prices of these products.

One of the best features of these brass handles is that they are highly resistant to corrosion. Since they are not made from a metal susceptible to corrosion, you can place these doorknobs outdoors without worrying about them getting corrupted. If you own a bathroom or kitchen, you can use these doorknobs to enhance their appearances and make your indoor spaces more beautiful. You can choose the finish and the style that will compliment your decor perfectly.