The Phases in Digital Marketing

What exactly does digital marketing entail? In essence, digital marketing refers to advertising via the internet or an electronic device. Thus, it is another word for online marketing. As such, thousands of companies engage in digital marketing each year, as they discover it much easier and cheaper to reach millions of people worldwide this way.

Digital Marketing AdelaideWhat is not? Well, first and foremost, it’s the implementation of advertising via digital channels. For example, a popular method of digital marketing is known as ROI. Basically, or is the measurement of the “benefit” or return on investment for spending your money. In other words, if you advertise a product to a thousand people in India, what will happen (assuming that there is no return on investment) is that you will only spend x amount of dollars at a time on that ad, which will give you a total ROI of 1000 dollars.

Now, a typical digital marketing campaign from will have several phases. The first phase of a campaign involves creating a “testing” campaign or “mini” campaign. During this stage, you are trying out different versions of your ad. These tests can take place on split test pages or various ad split test networks.

Once testing has been conducted, you can move onto the second phase of your digital marketing campaign. Your ad is “live” or viewable to anyone on the internet who has an active Internet connection during this stage. It means that any potential buyers that come across your ad can now purchase what you’re offering. It is often referred to as “buying in bulk” or “buying on auto-pilot.” Typically, the company with the best auto-pilot campaign will win the account, and you gain instant credibility for your online presence.

After buying in bulk or “buying in bulk,” you can then start the third phase to drive the traffic to your site. The goal of driving traffic to your website is to generate sales. In doing this, several methods can be utilized. One such method is pay per click advertising. Other digital channels can include writing articles, blog posts, press releases, and viral marketing methods such as “word of mouth.”

These are the four main digital channels, and there are many more, each with its benefits and shortcomings. However, many companies have utilized all of these channels to increase their payouts dramatically, and some even earn multiple six-figure income years in a year. Other companies have not, which should be given some consideration if you are just getting started with Digital Marketing Adelaide. Many people focus on one or two channels first before branching out into other options, and that is fine. However, suppose you have a little flexibility and wish to take advantage of new digital marketing opportunities as they come along. In that case, it is often a good idea to start with email marketing.

It has been said that half of your market is already sold. By focusing on only the channels that bring in new customers, you ignore half of the equation. Digital marketing allows you to create an ever-changing and unique brand image that stays with your customers long after they have left your premises. Therefore, you must develop a brand strategy that will work well in the future. Your strategy should constantly evolve to fit the interests of your target audience. It is essential to stay current with the latest trends and ideas, but most importantly, your brand strategy should constantly evolve to work for your business.

Digital Marketing Adelaide has been the buzzword in the small business community for quite some time now. The growing economy makes every business owner look at ways to increase their revenue. However, before running down to the nearest advertising network, business owners should consider a more economical and effective way of increasing their revenue. With digital marketing strategies such as email marketing, you can easily command a higher ROI than you would have managed otherwise. Hence, small business owners should seriously consider using digital marketing to help grow their businesses.