How to Overcome the Fear of Driving

The fear of driving is a real thing. Science calls it amaxophobia,” and youd be surprised as to how common it is. There are thousands of people who have it, and the reason youre reading this is that youre one of them. The good thing though is that theres a way to fight and overcome it. 

Have you ever felt anxious and panicked when you get into a vehicle? Do your hands and feet sweat once the engine starts? A past traumatic experience may cause a fear of driving or be as simple as uncomfortable. 

Overcoming the fear in driving is doable, so long as you commit to train and get past it. Fear is an instinct since humans naturally want to survive by averting the possibility of being harmed. However, the fear of driving is more associated with the feeling of being incapable and helpless. In other words, it can be solved through proper training and driver education. 


Enrolling in a driving school Brisbane is by far the most sensible solution to overcome it. If you have the will to learn how to drive a car eventually, you wont think twice about driving lessons. Professional driving instructors are trained to handle people like you who need motivation and expert advice. 

Encouragement and Self-Awareness

People who are afraid of driving need all the emotional and mental help they can get. The reality is that fear resides in mind. It means that theres a way to get to it. With the experience and know-how of professional instructors, youll find yourself beside the most capable companion in your quest of overcoming that fear. The best driving instructors know how to encourage and help students develop self-awareness, which allows them to get rid of that fear. 

Boost Confidence

In most aspects of life, confidence is the complete opposite of fear. When you build confidence by enrolling in a driving school Brisbane, you eventually get rid of the fear of driving in your mind. Knowing how to drive is a skill you learn over several weeks or even months. While you absorb the theoretical and practical aspects of driving through instruction, you dont realise that youre also boosting your confidence. 

Small Steps

No matter how slow your training is, youll eventually get there. Learning how to drive is a process that can be challenging at times. The reason for that is because no driving instructor in the right mind will give you a pass after just a few days. This is especially true when you have an apparent fear of driving. A qualified driving school instructor understands that you have special needs to qualify for a drivers licence. Hence, theyll take as much time as possible to help you get to the point of becoming a legitimate driver. It doesnt matter how long itll take, as long as you end up driving for the rest of your life.