Signs You Need to See a Physiotherapist

If you’re in pain, the advice you get from your doctor is usually sufficient. However, there are still some situations in which you need to see a professional physiotherapist. For example, if you have joint pain or have had surgery, then you may be suffering from patellar subluxation. This can be very painful and if not treated can affect your ability to walk and carry on life as normal. Here we look at some of the signs you need to see a physiotherapist about your condition.

KineticRehabilitation Physio AdelaideIf you have pain that comes and goes rather than continuously, then this is often a symptom of patella subluxation. The patella subluxation occurs when there is a problem with one of the large knee joints. It can be very painful as well as difficult to diagnose. As the pain is generally confined to the thigh and foot area, it can be hard to locate. This means that if your pain persists, then you should see your doctor.

Swelling in the leg or elsewhere on the body is an indication that the inflammation has not been taken care of properly. Inflammation can occur anywhere, but it is more common in the lower limbs. If you feel pain when moving your legs or feeling them tighten when they are heavy, then you will need to see KineticRehabilitation Physio Adelaide.

You may also feel pain while walking. In fact, some people actually describe the sensation of walking as painful! A sprain is an injury to the ligament on one leg. A strain is when the ligament is stretched beyond its ability to withstand the strain. Pain is normally apparent as well as warmth, tingling, and a risk of bruising. Ligament injuries can heal themselves but it is a good idea to see your doctor just to be on the safe side.

When walking, you may experience pain under your toes. This is called corns and you may be able to avoid them through anti-inflammatory medication. In rare cases, a nail may pop out, resulting in intense pain. If this happens, then you will need to consult KineticRehabilitation Physio Adelaide right away.

Finally, you may need to see a physiotherapist because you are suffering from a physical weakness that is affecting your daily life. This could be something as simple as your back, but it could also be as serious as neck pain or problems with your legs.