Do You Need Knee Replacement Surgery?

You will find the words “knee replacement”, and “surgeon” used interchangeably. They are often used interchangeably because they have one thing in common: both perform knee-related surgeries. The difference between the two is that the surgeon performing the surgery is an orthopedic surgeon. Like a plastic surgeon, an orthopedic surgeon performs surgeries of the skeletal system, but not necessarily on the knee. Here are some tips for choosing a good knee replacement surgeon.

knee replacement surgeons AdelaideFirst, know if you are suffering from osteoarthritis or meniscus tears. Osteoarthritis can cause knee pain that is chronic and intense. Meniscus tears happen when the protective cartilage separating the bones becomes damaged and rubs on bones not adjacent to the area. Meniscus tears and knee replacement surgery may be necessary.

Second, do you want a minimally invasive or traditional surgical procedure? Minimally invasive minimally robotic knee replacement surgery (MIRK) is an operation that leaves less scarring. However, there are many differences in the technology and skill of minimally invasive surgeons. Also, there is not as much downtime after the surgery as with a traditional arthroscopic surgical procedure. It may make a big difference in how much the procedure costs.

Third, is the knee replacement surgeons Adelaide familiar with the specific needs of your case? He must incorporate the details of your knee replacement condition into his surgical plan. The doctor will take additional x-rays, do coronal mammography, and write a surgical proposal for your procedure. If your surgeon isn’t familiar with your specific case, he won’t be able to provide you with the best answer or possible outcome.

Fourth, is your knee condition ideal for replacing lost joint mobility? In some situations, a person with arthritis doesn’t lose all their knee function. Usually, their knees heal better than normal. They still stand erect, can walk with less pain, and respond well to exercises. Others with arthritis have lost most or all of their knee function, but they still have some movement in the knee.

Fifth, is the knee replacement surgeons Adelaide experienced in treating your type of knee pain? Many orthopedic surgeons don’t specialize in knee pain but only perform surgery on a small number of conditions. In addition, some surgeons don’t do enough surgery cases to feel comfortable making a recommendation for your particular case. Don’t assume that every surgeon in your local area performs your type of surgery. Make sure to find out if your surgeon has performed your type of surgery before you choose him.

Sixth, does the surgeon have experience treating conditions such as knee arthritis? Knee arthritis is especially difficult to treat because many other problems can affect your knee joint, including bursitis. Treating knee arthritis is also complicated because it often takes months before the arthritis symptoms are visible. Most people who have knee arthritis find it hard to focus on doing physical activities while their joints hurt and muscles stiff. This can make it difficult to be active and lead a normal lifestyle.

Finally, is the doctor an expert in using implants? Implants are one of the most used surgical tools in knee replacement surgery. Although they have been proven to enhance the patient’s quality of life, they also carry a high risk of complications. The risk of an implant failure is greater than with any other surgical procedure, and most insurance plans do not cover implants. Therefore, if you are interested in knee replacement surgery, it is best to find an expert who has experience using the types of implants used in the surgery.