Latest Trends in High Heels

If you’re in the market for a new pair of high heels, you’ve probably noticed that some styles have fallen out of favour. The sharp, pointed stilettos that were so fashionable last decade are now unfashionable. So, in addition to sharp, pointed stilettos, designers have decided to jazz up less glamorous styles. Parke is betting on garden parties and outdoor dining for spring ’21, which will translate into wedge sandals and flats.

Platform heels

The latest high-heel trend is platform shoes. These shoes have a lower arch and distance between the front foot and ankle than other types of heels. Because of this, they are more comfortable to wear and do not compromise heel height. Platform heels have been around for quite some time. This style emerged in fashion during the dot-com bubble in the late 1990s. The trend gained popularity in the disco scene, and stars such as David Bowie and ABBA began to wear platform shoes. Check out the latest collections at

Cuban heel

The Cuban heel is a fashionable and versatile high heels style. Its thick, square base allows for a more comfortable walk, unlike the block style. Square heels also look great with flowing skirts and dresses and are a welcome change from the sneaker craze that has swept the world. Some of the most famous examples of Cuban heels are worn by Lenny Kravitz, Elton John, and Prince. You’ve probably also seen them on Justin Bieber and Kanye West. You can also see them in classic black ankle boots.

Cone heel

The cone heel is a modern twist on stilettos. Its triangular shape and sturdy base create a more comfortable and manageable heel for walking. The cone heel is available in all lengths, so there’s a pair to fit your style and the occasion. These heels go well with both long and short dresses. In addition, women should consider buying a pair with a lower arch or a slight scoop for added support.

Ankle boots

If you want to look fantastic and trendy without the risk of looking over the top, ankle boots are the perfect solution. The chunky heel and low cutout make them perfect for edgy athleisure fashion. You can even find them in leopard print and white. These versatile shoes are perfect staples for any season. You can wear them with almost any outfit. Ensure you have at least three to five inches of skin to show off your ankle boots.

Flat sandals

For the spring season, flats are in vogue. The classic ballet flat is essential to a preppy, polished French Girl wardrobe. However, designers have created fresh takes on flats for the year 2020. They’re a great way to refresh your summer wardrobe and keep your look stylish while wearing flats. Read on to see the latest trends in flats. You’ll be glad you did! Then, check out the latest collections at


Neon heels have slowly made their way onto catwalks, and you can too. They are an eye-catching and striking way to dress up a basic black dress or skirt. They also make a statement, especially if paired with matching accessories. You can also wear them with an all-black outfit to add a pop of colour to your look. Neon heels can be dressed up or down depending on your outfit, so consider your options carefully before choosing a pair of these high-heels.

Loewe’s hyperrealistic high heels

In addition to classic high heels, some new booties and wedges are trendy and versatile. Neutral heels can be paired with almost any outfit, and chunky high-heel boots are perfect for the colder months. If you’re unsure which high heels are right for you, try an ankle boot. Its medium heel is the perfect in-betweener for cross-season dressing. Ankle boots also make a great alternative to high heels with their chunky medium heel.