The Undeniable Perks of Marquee Hire

There are so many different advantages to a marquee hire in adelaide, not the least of which is the low price. You may even be able to find one for far less than you would ever pay to hire a similar size tent for an outdoor wedding. Marquee rentals offer the flexibility and space that can make or break your reception. All it takes is one spectacular marquee to turn a dull, lifeless space into the romantic, elegant reception you’ve always envisioned.

The size marquee hire in adelaide will have a massive impact on the overall reception atmosphere. If your event is held outdoors, the large size of most tents will limit the number of guests accommodated. Tents require the use of many chairs and tables to house the number of people attending your event adequately. With a marquee rental, you have the option to rent just enough to house all of the guests. This will drastically cut down on costs while still allowing the venue to provide a quality experience for all of its guests.

The number of guest list 


Another massive benefit of marquee hire is the ability to create a more extensive guest list than you would be able to if the wedding were held indoors. The majority of weddings performed at homes are limited in the number of guests invited due to the distance from the bride and groom’s home to where their guests will be gathered. Indoor weddings can often be hosted by just a few hundred guests, while weddings held at local chapels and churches often require hundreds of attendees. Marquees allow you to provide a more extensive guest list, which benefits the bride and groom because they receive the opportunity to meet and greet their guests in more intimate settings. In addition, a more extensive guest list allows you to offer more unique venues for your wedding receptions.

The decor and layout of the event 

The location of the wedding is just as important as how many guests attend it. If your wedding ceremony happens to occur in a small church with a limited number of pews, then the decor and layout of the event will significantly impact your turnout. One of the significant benefits of hiring a marquee hire is that your wedding will look as beautiful as possible. Marquee hire companies typically have a team of professionals who can work with you to create the perfect setting. Many businesses will use the church stage for their reception, while others will design a customized setup for a smaller and more intimate gathering.

The type of furniture hire 

Most people assume that marquee hire is only used for large outdoor weddings. However, this is not the case; this style of venue hire is also quite popular for indoor weddings held in churches, schools, and other similar venues. Outdoor weddings can require a variety of furniture, including benches, tables, and chairs. For smaller weddings, most furniture hire companies will provide basic models that come in one colour. In contrast, some companies will custom order the furniture for you based on your specific requirements. When shopping around for furniture hire professionals, make sure that you can communicate your specific needs to get the right fit for your event.

Entertainment marquee hire in adelaide is also a popular option when it comes to weddings. Entertainment marquees can range from free weights to stage shows, DJs, and more. Music is an essential part of any reception, so entertainment marquees are very popular for weddings. Some entertainment companies offer a wide range of services, including sound, lighting, music, and even video. If you are looking for a unique type of entertainment for your wedding, this might be a wise investment.

These are just a few of the benefits of hiring a marquee for your wedding. You must understand all of the benefits before hiring a venue, as there is a wide range of other benefits associated with these more significant guest receptacles. You will be able to decorate them to fit your style, and you will be able to utilize them for multiple functions. When looking at different marquees, be sure to compare the benefits and weigh your needs against them.

Marquee hire companies can offer a massive range of benefits to any wedding couple looking for a larger wedding venue. If you have a large reception or just planning a minor event, make sure you look into wedding marquees. They can provide you with everything you need for the day, and they are usually very affordable, which makes them a top priority if you are planning a significant event.