Physiotherapy Clinic: Pain Relief After Injuries

Are you considering visiting a physio Adelaide clinic? This article will help you determine if this type of clinic is right for you. This is not an exhaustive list, but it indicates what to expect at a local clinic. Visit a physiotherapy clinic near you or view the rest of our articles on the topic to understand this challenging and rewarding field better.

Physio AdelaideTypical services offered in a physiotherapy clinic include assessment, diagnosis, treatment planning and therapy. Usually, several therapists attend from the same patient during a single visit. Each session is designed to address a specific problem area. During a session, the therapists use their specialized knowledge to relieve pain and functional independence. The patient is encouraged to participate in the treatment plan, including exercise, stretching or another passive exercise that allows the muscles to work in the intended position.

Common types of injuries treated at a physio Adelaide clinic include pain, fractures, soft-tissue injuries, muscle sprains, ligament tears, microtrauma and sports injuries (usually resulting from sports exposure). Most patients come for treatment because they feel stress or constraint in their life, causing pain or discomfort. Some patients seek treatment simply because they feel stronger, fitter or healthier than they were before. Physiotherapy is not a cure for a disease or an overall solution for the body. It should be seen as a tool to be used to achieve health goals. A skilled physiotherapist can work with patients daily to help them reach these goals. These goals are sometimes achieved through exercise, stretches, and specialized exercises designed to strengthen muscles and improve mobility.

Once you have met with and had an initial consultation with a qualified physio at a physiotherapy clinic, the first step will normally involve x-rays, consultations with an orthopedist, a neurologist and a medical doctor. X-rays will demonstrate any soft tissue damage or any bruising that has occurred. The physiotherapist will work with the patient to determine what needs to be done. The best outcome can often be achieved through conservative measures such as rest, ice or heat therapy, and/or massage. However, when severe injury or poor posture have resulted in chronic pain or weakness, it may be necessary to try invasive treatments, such as surgery, to correct the situation.

Many patients choose to maintain a regular schedule of appointments at a physiotherapy clinic once they have been treated. Physio Adelaide clinics also offer support after each appointment to help patients handle any challenging situations during their stay. These include assisting the patient in identifying any emotional issues that may be causing discomfort during their recovery and providing information about any medication that has been taken orally or sublingually. Some clinics offer patients the opportunity to book appointments for multiple services at one time. Patients can usually book an appointment for up to three times in one day.