Types of Roller Blinds

Roller blinds have long been a favourite for home decorating because of their simple, elegant designs. A roller blind is a window covering type made from fabric stretched tightly over a wooden frame. This type of blind can be used for window treatment in almost any room in your house. There are several different types of roller blinds that use various mechanisms to raise and lower the blind. Some of them even come with lighting controls to make the blinds more attractive and suitable to the theme of your room.

Roller Blinds AdelaideThere are two popular kinds of roller blinds. The first one is the kind of curtain that has a curtain rod that passes through a ring or a loop and then hangs on the curtain rod. This type of curtain has a top cord and bottom cord. The top cord is often turned by a chain mechanism to lift the curtain. On the other hand, the bottom cord is pulled back by a chain mechanism to lower the curtain.

Another kind of Roller Blinds Adelaide is the one that comes with a casing and a bottom cord. This kind of blind has only a top cord and does not have a bottom cord. The casing is usually made of aluminium. A chain mechanism is used to lift the blind, and a bottom chain is also used to pull it down.

The last kind of roller blinds has an internal ratchet mechanism. With this kind, there is only a single cord that goes across the whole blind. But since it is the only cord that goes across, the light blockage problem that was observed with the curtains and louvres is observed with this type as well. Since only a single cord is needed to operate this blind, it is much lighter than other types.

There are certain kinds of roller blinds that can be used for either blackout or light control. The most common is the kind that has a hardware cover at its base so that the cover can be rolled up. Other fabrics such as blackout fabric and light control fabric have completely covered openings at their bases to be adequate both for blackout and light control purposes. Some manufacturers even make roller blinds with both light and blackout functions in one unit.

Indeed, there are many different types of roller blinds available in the market. Some varieties are quite suitable for window coverings while others are not. But if you know your needs and preferences, you can easily find one that will fit your requirements perfectly. You can discover more here.