On-line Study

Studying for a Diploma or a single management topic is now even easier with the On-line study option.

Simply select the course you wish and start studying immediately. ASI On-line Registration

No waiting, no interviews, no red tape.

You can pay and study today one or more topics to suit your particular learning and business circumstances. This is a practical, self-paced study method that allows you to work outside the rigid classroom limitations.

Choose from over 30 management topics, each written in a practical, easy to read, non-academic language, designed to provide you with practical understanding of management issues, that you can use immediately.

The On-line option allows you to log-in and study when it suits you. There are no forced pace or completion deadlines.

You have 12 months to complete the certificate or diploma courses with extensions available for those in full time employment.

This training model and this method of study, will suit the busy individual who does not have the time for full time study, to read lots of books and write volumes of thesis.

We look after our students with practical feedback on assignments and exercises provided in the course.

Please take a look at the Course Preview or try one that fits your most urgent need ASI On-line Demo.

Please note that you will be using a demonstration only module. To access the full course and start studying you will need to register and pay for the course at ASI On-line Registration.