Looking at the Different Tile Options

When it comes to beauty and glamour, nothing compares to tiles made of ceramic. People prefer ceramic tiles for their flooring and wall tiling. However, it can be used to decorate any part of the house, from the entrance to the kitchen and bathroom. If you want to have a beautiful-looking home, then you must consider using ceramic tiles. In helping you select the tile type, this article will provide information about different tiles available in the market.

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Normally water and soap are sufficient to clean most ceramic tiles Adelaide. However, certain mosaic tiles are more sensitive to moisture, so regular mopping is not recommended. Instead, always dry the tiles using a dry clean cloth and never use strong acid to wipe ceramic tiles since they become damaged easily. In addition, learn about the eight different techniques to apply tiles according to your home interior design, from easy and medium mopping to heavy-duty mopping. Finally, here are few tips on how to choose good tile mops.

Terrazzo: Terrazzo tiles are made of marble chips or pieces. They are available in a variety of designs, colours and shades. The good thing about terrazzo tiles is that they are very easy to maintain and clean. Use a soft-bristled broom with mild detergent solution or a commercial carpet cleaner to wipe off stains and dirt from the surface for best results.

Onyx: Onyx tiles are another flooring material that offers a unique beauty to your home interiors. Onyx tiles can be installed in any room in your house, but they look great in a bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. In addition, Onyx tiles are resistant to scratches, spills, marks and heat. Therefore, they are a preferred choice of many homeowners and business owners.

Marble: Marble tiles Adelaide come in different shapes and sizes. Most marble pieces are round in shape, but some are also available in square and rectangular shapes. Marble is one of the hardest flooring materials that you can find. Due to its durability, onyx tiles are often used in conjunction with terrazzo tiles.

Vitrified Tiles: Although onyx and marble are durable materials, they are not as strong as vitrified tiles. Heating pieces once made vitrified tiles of marble or onyx to very high temperatures. Water was allowed to evaporate, and thus, the material was sealed. Today, the procedure has been simplified to produce tiles that look like the original ones but are sturdier and more durable.

Beautiful tiles come in a huge variety of colours and designs. Most people prefer ceramic tiles because they are resistant to scratching, stain and heat. There are lots of options available when it comes to installing ceramic tiles. To answer what you need to know about tiles, here are a few tips:


Onyx Tiles: Onyx tiles are one of the most popular choices of tiles for homeowners and builders. Onyx tiles come in two finishes – polished and honed. They are extremely resistant to water, stains and heat, making them ideal for bathrooms and kitchens. Onyx tiles may require some sealing, but the price of doing so is worth it as they will last for decades.

Mosaic Tiles: Like onyx tiles, mosaic tiles are also highly resistant to moisture, stains and heat. However, unlike onyx tiles, mosaic tiles are susceptible to dents, dings and chips if something gets spilled on them. In addition, they can be easily scratched, so you might want to consider getting some sealant for your bathroom flooring to protect it from constant wear and tear.